General & Technical Support
General & Technical Support

[You must login to view link] provides a chat room where members of the [You must login to view link] voluntary program can assist you with unofficial [You must login to view link] related issues. Here, you will be able to ask questions and get basic technical assistance. You can find official help and more detailed support, by clicking Support located near the top of any [You must login to view link] web page.

Before participating in the chat room, please read the guidelines and directions to get a good idea of how this room works. Afterwards, click the button below to enter the chat room.

Note: you will need to be signed in with your [You must login to view link] account to participate in the chats.

Chat Room Guidelines

  • The moderators in this room are [You must login to view link] voluntary program members, not [You must login to view link] employees, and are in no way obligated to answer any questions you may have. To find a moderator just look for [You must login to view link] nicknames with a + sign in front. They are in the Help Room because they enjoy assisting their fellow members, so please treat them with respect and kindness. The moderators are not in a position to alter the policies or operation of They cannot remove incompletes or change your Rating, and they can't move heaven and earth. To learn more about the [You must login to view link] voluntary privilege program, go to
  • Moderators will try to deal with your questions/complaints in order; however, the waiting and asking queues are managed at the moderator's discretion. The moderator reserves the right to call upon anyone in the waiting queue in any order, as well as the right to move you out of the asking queue into watching mode only.
  • Please wait your turn and refrain from messaging the moderator for immediate attention. Voobly Messenger is a helpful tool when used properly, but using it to distract the moderator could result in a longer delay. Also, if you are waiting for an answer, please be patient -- sometimes the moderator needs time to research the answer to your question.

How to use this moderated chat room

  • To use this room, you will need to be logged in with a [You must login to view link] account and will need to have downloaded the [You must login to view link] basic software installation. If you do not have these, just sign-up and when you click the link below to enter the chat room, the [You must login to view link] basic software will automatically install.
  • This chat room may or may not have a moderator present. If you don't see anyone in the “Moderator” position in the member list, you can always try back later or go to our official support pages.
  • When you enter the chat room, you will be in Watching mode and unable to chat.
  • To ask a question, choose File > "Request to Speak" from the menu. This will place your [You must login to view link] Name in the right column's Waiting category.
  • While you are waiting for your turn, type your question or issue. Be ready to hit the ENTER to display your question when your [You must login to view link] name is moved to Asking mode. When making a complaint about a disruptive user, be sure to include name, games, room name, and problem.
  • When someone is available to answer, the moderator will move you to Asking mode, and you will be able to ask your question.
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Technical Support

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