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Treaty Patch

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What is Treaty Patch?
  • Improved civilization balance for Treaty
  • New maps
  • Bug Fixes
  • Easy to install
  • Automatic updates
  • Easy switch between Treaty, ESOC and regular patch
The Treaty Patch is a balance patch designed to improve the gameplay experience in Treaty. There are also new and well balanced treaty maps created by our talented map makers. Version 1.5 Update (June 14):
  • Removed bisons from Imperial age up
  • Bison auto trickle now must be researched in age 5 in the farm.
  • Bison trickle give 2 bisons/tc every 2 mins.
  • Teepee build time increased by 40% China
  • Removed export trickle card
  • Reverted consulate armies Otto
  • 15 corsair shipment no longer costs popuation
[You must login to view link]Similar mods: If your game is not working with the patch, you have to add age3y.exe process to the anti-virus exclusions:For Windows Defender (Windows 10): Open Windows Defender Security Center. Click Virus&Protection->Virus&Protection Settings->Exclusions (Add/Remove Exclusions)->Add Exclusion->Process->Type "age3y.exe" and click Add.For Windows Defender (Windows 8/8.1): [You must login to view link] (Make sure you select a process not a file!)For other anti-virus programs, you have to find exclusion setting and add age3y.exe as a process.
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