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Spectator Overlay 2.0Release history
  • 2.0.9 - Fixed some bugs for researches that didnt show. Also some bonuses for expansion civs.
  • 2.0.8 - Fixed some bugs for expansion civs. Some names and icons were wrong.
  • 2.0.7 - Added missing researches for expansions.
  • 2.0.6 - Added support for wololo (Not fully support civ and team bonuses yet)
If you have problems with colors beeing wrong you can try this:From the menu in the game room select Game->DirectX->Render in 32 bit colorTo configure the mod press CTRL+SHIFT+S and hold for a bit - then let go. The menu should then appear. If that doesnt work you can use the command !overlaysettings in chat.To switch between the panels (Combat, Economy etc) you use the wheel on your mouse. If enabled in the settings you can use the middle-mouse button to reset the panel to overview mode. You can also use F11 to walk through the panels.The visible changes from version 1.x are minimal but the code are almost completely rewritten.Changes include support for more than two teams for example 1v3, 2v2v2 and FFA. Even uneven teams will be displayed correctly now.Team-bonuses like Hun's 20% faster stable, Goth's 20% faster barrack are now calculated in so that the research display are more correct and finish when the research actually are finished.Menus overviewUse the menus to configure the Spectator Overlay to your liking.The menu can be accessed by holding CTRL+SHIFT+S. Hold them for a bit - then let go. The menu will then appear. You can also use the chat command !overlaysettings to access the menus.SettingsThere are also some changes in the settings like auto display of columns in the overview table. Fishingboats, tradecarts, castles and relics can now be configured to be AUTO displayed. That means the columns will not be displayed when there are no units of that kind.You can now sort the players by team-score or by population.Column data are now by default displayed in the player color but that can be turned off to display all data in white color.Moving the display panelsTo move the main panel and researh panel select Move table and Move research panel in the advanced menu. Then use your mouse to position the panels where you want them. When done click your mouse and save the settings if you want them to be used next time.Overview panelThe other panelsExtended infoAnother new option are to display the extended score like the one displayed in the lower right corner of AOC. Somebody have requested this option to be able to hide the original score displayed by AOC. ResearchpanelResearchtime can now include both start and end time. Configured from the menu. There are still 2 type of display.
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